A Webfoot Christmas: 2022 Edition

Best wishes for the holiday season…from our family to yours!

Last year, we paid tribute to the cult classic - Back to the Future. This year, we embraced another fan favorite and took inspiration from the eagerly awaited Lord of the Rings: Ring of Fire. Let’s walk through how we got it done. 

Step 1: Find Inspiration

We selected the perfect photos that’d let us show off our team and our custom Webfoot sword - Exmalider (yes - we made a sword; keep reading to learn more). 

Step 2: Have Amazing Props & Costumes

It helps to have amazing hand-made armor…

Look at these amzing pieces forged here in Central Oregon by our in-house Blacksmith (/video guy), Taylor Moe. 

Not to mention our custom sword!

Meet Exmalider…

Featuring every Webfoot detail from a fire-breathing duck, a band of concrete coating, and the signature webbed-foot topping it off....Exmalider is the ultimate weapon for your home improvement quest.

Boasting the same high-quality level of craftsmanship that we're all about here at Webfoot.

Exmalider is not only a seriously cool sword, but also a constant reminder of our favorite value: Not taking ourselves too seriously…seriously. 

Step 3: A Photoshoot

We had fun striking our most powerful poses dressed for the journey.

Step 4: Photoshop..photoshop…photoshop.

Our graphic designer worked her magic recreating the iconic posters. Our photoshoots were done in front of a green screen, so it was a matter of placing everyone into the right setting.

Step 5: The Final Product - now in your hands!

With the addition of some very Webfoot touches, we wrapped up the card that you’re now holding. We think it came out pretty great - what do you think?