A Webfoot Christmas: 2021 Edition

Best wishes for the holiday season…from our family to yours!

This year, the inspiration for our Christmas Card came from being beyond ready to embrace a new year. We held a company brainstorm and the general consensus was: last year was fun, but let’s get….BACK TO THE FUTURE!

Behind The Scenes: The Making of the 2021 Holiday Card

Step 1: Choose the perfect reference photo.

holiday card reference pic

We knew we could do a spot-on dupe of the iconic Back to the Future 2 poster because Webfoot founders Gavin Hepp and Travis Ulrich look so much like the popular duo, Doc and Marty McFly. We kept the outfit to BTTF 1 (because of the legendary orange puff vest) and added the Webfoot twist of Gavin in painter’s whites.

Step 2: Have a photoshoot!

We held the perfect green-screen photoshoot to capture the necessary photos of Gavin and Travis in that powerful poster pose. The scene looked only a little bit less exciting without the DeLorean and lightning…

holiday card bts

Step 3: Apply a touch of Photoshop magic.

Using photoshop we cropped Travis and Gavin from the photoshoot shots….

holiday card crop

Put them into the following correct backdrop….

holiday card backdrop

Then, added a dramatic photo effect, matched up the fonts, and ended up with a perfect poster reproduction!

perfect dupe

Step 4: Add a bit of Webfoot flair.

Since we’re big fans of never taking ourselves too seriously, we added in a touch of branding and some Christmas flair before putting a bow on the whole project.

holiday card front final
holiday card back

Step 5: Send it on its way!

The final step was sending the finished card on its merry way to you! We hope you enjoy it and that you have a Seriously great holiday season.