A Webfoot Christmas: 2020 Edition

Merry Christmas… From Our Zoom Call To Yours!

This year, the inspiration for our Christmas Card came directly from our everyday life.. that’s right – Zoom Meetings!

Behind The Scenes: The Making of the 2020 Holiday Card

Once, we had the idea for this year’s Holiday Card we got to work.

1. Scheduled our Zoom Call Photoshoot

Christmas came early this year.. our team pulled out their best Christmas decor in October for our Holiday Card Shoot! This shoot consisted of individual family photo ops, multiple Christmas Caroling takes.. and a few sleepy kiddos.

2. Once We Collected Individual Photos, It Was Time To Get Creative

One by one, our team sorted through Zoom Call screenshots and outtakes to better plan our Zoom “grid.” Each family photo was edited and placed within the zoom grid to create the illusion of a Christmas Zoom Meeting.

3. With the Help of Photoshop, Illustrator & Some Serious Time Spent.. Our Card Was Finished!

After several cuts and rough drafts, our final card made it’s way to the presses. Please enjoy our early attempts..

Rough Draft Ideas:

4. Our Card Was Mailed!

It is with immense gratitude that we get to send out this card to each and every one of you. Despite our seasonal greetings looking a bit different, it was an absolute blast to design and poke fun at our new normal. We would love to thank our staff and their families for making this Zoom masterpiece a reality.