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Custom Webfoot garage cabinets will take your garage from unused chaos to organized bliss

You can create any cabinet combination to get a style that's all your own by working closely with Webfoot’s Design Consultants. Your design consultation begins with you deciding on the storage capacity you need and the type of space you dream about.  

Webfoot’s Design Consultant will help you to maximize layout and storage capacity to achieve your garage goals. You’ll choose from garage cabinets including extra shelving, PVC slat walls, and butcherblock countertops to prioritize your pick of organizational space, craft space, or both. We’ll show you how bike racks, overhead storage, and wall storage will create more useable floor space. Together, we’ll find you the room for a home gym, workshop, or the ultimate man cave with an all-inclusive custom storage solution.

First, you’ll visualize the full potential of your garage. Then, Webfoot will design your dream space.  

Webfoot’s imagined cabinet configurations showcase available cabinet features for you to choose from. Take a look to inspire your own design. 


max storage cabinet

Max Storage

Maximize your storage with our Max Storage cabinets. If your #1 priority is organizational space, then Max Storage is the perfect choice for you. Max Storage fits most garages, and creates space for everything from totes and golf bags, to lawn equipment.

double decker max cabinet

Double Decker Max

Level up your storage with our Double Decker Max cabinets. Double Decker Max extends your capacity above 80″ to literally grow your space. Top cabinets let you store items used less frequently out of the way and out of mind. Choose Double Decker to clear up your floor and maximize your floor space.

the craftsman cabinet

The Craftsman

Pursue every project’s full potential with The Craftsman. The Craftsman offers excellent storage capacity and ample working space for projects large and small. With a 30″ wide sitting space, it’s perfect for tackling your next DIY project, or tying flies for your weekend adventure. Consider adding another full-length cabinet to extend the storage potential.

the weekend warrior cabinet

The Weekend Warrior

The Weekend Warrior cabinets have it all. Massive storage and organizational capacity are combined with working space to create a cabinet that can handle small-, medium-, and weekend-sized projects and plans. Add on the Optional Slat Wall for tool organization, a place to hang your race medals, and even a spot for your high school prom photo. “Look at me now,” you’ll say.

max craftsman cabinet

Max Craftsman

Maximize your working space with The Max Craftsman. With 10′ of butcher block counter space, you can tune your skis, showcase your Little League trophies, or stretch out and take nap. Storage isn’t a priority, but also isn’t forgotten. With 40″ wide, 30″ tall upper cabinets, you’ll enjoy 40 cubic feet of storage. Consider adding on full-length cabinets and the Optional Slat-Wall to really take your storage and organization to the max.

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