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custom cabinet
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Old World Craftsmanship

Each cabinet features dado joints for maximum strength and support. Dado joints allow the weight of the board to rest along the full length of the joint, giving it exceptional load-bearing capacity, and keeping the board from cupping or titling.

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Seriously Durable

Edge-to-edge powder-coated MDF cabinets that outperform wood or metal alternatives. Our cabinets are scratch-proof, water-resistant, easy to clean, and have excellent color retention.

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Fully Enclosed Cabinets Boxes

All cabinets are fully enclosed on all sides. Unlike alternative cabinets, there is a back against the wall, which decreases dust collection and pest access.

custom cabinets
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Built-To-Order Custom Design

Choose to prioritize organization space, craft space, or a balance of both. Design your dream cabinets.

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MDF and powder-coating technology is
environmentally friendly. Powder coated MDF components do not contain solvents or produce any VOCs or hazardous air pollutants (HAPS).

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High Quality - Made in the USA

Our high-quality, custom garage cabinets are built to order at our shop in Caldwell, Idaho.

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