How To Get Your Garage Ready For Winter [VIDEO & IDEA BOOK]

November 3, 2022
winter garage

Winter is just around the corner! As you prepare yourself and your home for this inevitable season, don’t forget to prepare one of the most cluttered places in your home— your garage! Get this space in shape now before winter sets in, and enjoy a winter season that is much easier and more peaceful.

How do you get started? Check out the following tips on how to get your garage ready for winter. 

Rotate Your Seasonal Items

Clean your summer equipment (lawnmowers, hoses, etc.) and put them away. Then, get out winter items like snow blowers, shovels, snowboards, and the like, so they are more easily accessible. This way, you'll be able to find important items more conveniently in the winter, and your garage will stay tidy. 

snow blower

Declutter & Organize

A cluttered garage combined with freezing weather is a disaster waiting to happen. It can cause dirty air to build up or prevent you from parking your vehicle in the garage, leaving you to scrape ice and snow off your car every morning.

To avoid this, you should clear your garage of clutter and neatly store your items in storage systems such as cabinets, drawers, or slat walls. And this is where Webfoot custom cabinet solution comes to your rescue.

Our custom cabinets are ideal for any season and are built for your specific storage needs, so none of your items are at risk of being destroyed or mishandled due to improper storage in harsh weather. And because your items are stored properly, you can also efficiently optimize your usable space for the winter.

Prepare for Snow

Snow is part of the winter package, but how do you prepare for it? 

  • Winterize your summer equipment: Store your garden tools and perform the final maintenance on your lawn mower. Check to see if you need to add a fuel stabilizer, and don’t forget to drain any leftover gasoline or engine oil from it. This will keep the equipment in good condition even during a long break from work. 

  • Prepare your winter items: Get some sidewalk salt, keep your snow shovel nearby, and if you have one, ensure your snow blower is in perfect condition. 

  • Prepare a “drop zone” for wet shoes and equipment: Casually dropping snowy boots, gear, and shovels in your garage might create more work for you than you are prepared to handle. Instead, store them in a safe area, such as a custom closet. You can order custom cabinets from Webfoot with special storage space for storing wet boots! Our cabinets are moisture-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about water damage. 

winter drop zone

Seal & Insulate Your Space

Cracks or openings in your garage walls and windows can easily allow cold air to enter your space, which, when it accumulates, can lower the temperature in your garage even further than normal and, in turn, cause damage to your stored items.

To keep the temperature in your garage high throughout the winter and prevent cold air from entering your living spaces, insulate your garage walls and windows, especially if your garage has unfinished ceiling and wall framing.

You can add fiberglass insulation to cracks and other open areas and cover windows with weather-resistant plastic tarps to protect and seal them.

The idea is to do everything to ensure as much warmth as possible in your home. 

seal windows


Inspect & Repair Your Garage Door

One of the worst things that can happen to you in the winter is being locked out in the cold because of a faulty garage door or opener. Now is the perfect time to prevent this by having your garage door inspected, repaired, and insulated if needed.

garage door

Prevent Damage to Your Raw Concrete Floor

Road salt is great for de-icing, but unfortunately, its presence on your raw concrete floor leads to pressure within the concrete when it freezes in cold weather, resulting in spalling. So what do you do when road salt is an important winter resource?

The answer is a concrete coating for your floor. Not only will this prevent damage to your garage floor, but it will also make it easier to sweep road salts off the floor. 

Webfoot's polyurea floor coating is slip-resistant, easy to clean, and formulated to provide the best aesthetic finish and salt damage protection for your concrete floors. We also provide the expertise to assist you with installation, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. 

Invest in Comfort

If your garage is more than just a storage space for you, then you should invest in a heater that will significantly raise the temperature in your garage, making it more comfortable for other activities like hobbies, sports, or exercise. Doing this will also help to keep your pipes from freezing.

home yoga

Prepare Your Garage & Have a Stress-Free Winter

You deserve to have a peaceful and stress-free winter! And with each passing day of autumn, preparing your garage for winter becomes more important. 

With Webofoot's professional help in creating your custom garage cabinets and floor coatings, you can be sure that your winter will be easier than ever imagined!

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