When It Comes to Flooring, Why Pet Facility Concrete Coatings Are Man’s Best Friend  

August 30, 2021
pet facility flooring

Pet care facilities of all kinds are loving concrete coatings. Wondering what pet-centric businesses fall under the umbrella of enterprises that would benefit from a pet facility concrete coating retrofit or custom flooring buildout? Animal boarding spaces, veterinary clinics, pet daycare and groomers to name a few. Here are some testimonials of how Webfoot’s pet facility concrete coatings are unanimously making tails wag.

We’re drifting apart: A behind the scenes look at what non-releasable otters need when it comes to flooring, in their living quarters

High Desert Museum Otter Exhibit, Bend OR

The High Desert Museum (HDM) was looking for the most professional and durable concrete coatings they could find for use by animals in captivity (rather than pets). In this case, a concrete coating for the Autzen Otter Exhibit was sought. As the premiere ambassador species at the High Desert Museum, Otters romp and play in the water a lot - which means a splash (and water-proof) floor would be key in their behind the scenes care, feeding and sleeping area. This wasn’t Webfoot’s first rodeo with the HDM having already completed several painting projects for other buildings and auxiliary exhibits. Durability, quick turn around time and animal safety (as a result of the non-volatile, non-porous, emissions-free and anti-microbial qualities) were top reasons the HDM chose to work with Webfoot Concrete Coatings and guiding needs that helped the museum choose the best concrete coating for their needs. Dana Whitelaw, museum executive director explained that most animals at the museum are non-releasable animals originally from the wild, and that even though they are cute, they are hard on materials. Because the museum is committed to the longevity of the animals in their care - choosing a concrete coating for the otters behind the scenes enclosure was a no brainer.

coated doggie daycare floor

Splish Splash I was taking a bath: Slide less in your groomatorium with pet facility concrete coatings

Frankos Dog Grooming, Vancouver, WA
Before their concrete coatings were installed, Josh Bailey with Frankos Dog Grooming said they had a layer of paint chipping off their floor. Since doggs often shake and flail during their grooming process, Bailey said it was tough to clean their floors and even more difficult to keep them dry. Slipping and sliding was the name of the game for pupps and staff alike. In addition to only taking a half day for installation, Bailey noted the friendliness of the Webfoot crew. Post-installation Bailey is stoked saying the floor is farless of a slipping hazard and doesn’t stay as wet and it is easier to get the water off the floor at the end of the day.

coated dog play area

(Po)Ops: Doggy accidents are easier to clean up with pet facility concrete coatings`

Buster and Lilly's Doggy Daycare & Boarding, Beaverton, OR

Brian Tennison and doggy partner in crime BJ say they started looking for a new floor after four years of ownership of their doggy day care. Previous owners had installed a rubber floor which Tennison felt was too porous, absorbed urine and smelled offensive to clients. Durability and ease in cleaning were priorities. After interviewing several companies Tennison chose Webfoot because they were always on top of things, from start to finish. Pleased with the final product, Tennison says the floor is incredibly easy to clean and it’s easy to identify if a pup has had an indoor accident. He is most stoked about the smell and says many clients have come in and mentioned it smells much better then with previous flooring. Throughout the experience, Tennison says that Webfoot went above and beyond their normal services.

By: KM Collins

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