What Is Seasonal Garage Anxiety Disorder And How Can Garage Floor Epoxy Coatings Help?

August 5, 2021
seasonal garage causing anxiety

According to the Garage Guys, who help patrons achieve happiness by creating order in garages across Florida (think organizational accessories rather than garage floor epoxy coatings), an untidy garage can cause stress and anxiety. The garage is a space that is meant to help with everything from storage to homing items that don’t have a spot in the main rooms of the house. But sometimes our once helpful catch-all room, slowly turns into an untidy life-sized junk drawer and without care and organization, previously useful items, gear and keepsakes can be lost in a purgatory of clutter, FOREVER. This can become an even bigger issue if you live in a region with cold winters. Being in the house more often when it’s cold outside can trigger an onset of Seasonal Garage Anxiety Disorder.

Once the garage clutter monster has gotten out of control, it’s hard to know where to start to reign it back in. How can a garage floor epoxy coating help? Glad you asked! Read on to learn!

Start Somewhere

Flooring solutions are a great place to start because upgrading flooring will force the hand of organization. As you clear out your entire garage in preparation for your garage floor epoxy installation, you’ll have no choice but to recognize the rubbish and no-longer needed items you’ve been storing. Once this recognition is made, you’ll start sorting and divesting so you won’t have to keep hauling no-longer useful items to and fro.

Cleanliness Is Happiness

Nothing says depression like a shabby cracked and dusty concrete garage floor. Maybe the clutter has seen several pets come and go, and leave their dander. Maybe the clutter was so dense, sweeping and mopping were not viable. With a garage floor epoxy system in place, all the gunk will have to get swept out. Your contractor will come up with treatment solutions for cracks, abrasions and deterioration. Your new floor will basically clean itself. Your new floor will be so shiny and polished, you’ll enjoy the act of cleaning it.

No More Scraping Ice Off Your Windshield Mid-winter

Back to seasonal garage anxiety disorder. Nothing says mid-winter luxury like having room in your garage to park your car. If you think you’re depressed now (about the clutter), think how depressing this winter will be when you have to scrape your windshield free of ice and snow at 6AM every morning before work. Plus invariably you won’t be able to find a brush and you’ll be the one trying to do it with a credit card. Bummer.

Other Ways Installing Garage Floor Epoxy Coating Will Put You In A Good Mood

  • Webfoot coatings are 4 times more flexible and durable than their counterparts. You’ll be stoked at how well the finished product maintains its look and repels abrasion, chipping or deterioration
  • Webfoot concrete coatings have a 15 year warranty so you have a contingency plan in the unlikely event there’s a hiccup
  • Our coatings are quick and easy to install, sometimes in a matter of one day  

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