Webfoot Named Idaho's Best Concrete Contractor

May 17, 2022
BSE Best

The People of Idaho Have Spoken!

We're excited to share with you that we won Idaho's Best Concrete Contractor in the state's annual Idaho's Best Business Awards!

Decided by an equation combining: Idaho resident votes, a finalist’s overall Google rating, and the total number of 5-star Google reviews (we have 300+)—Webfoot Concrete Coatings came out on top! Webfoot was recognized as Idaho's Best both Statewide and in the Treasure Valley. See our name on the full list with other Seriously Great local businesses.

Webfoot Owner & Director of Sales and Marketing Gavin Hepp said, "At Webfoot we work seriously hard to ensure every single customer is 100% satisfied with their floor and the overall experience. Our ongoing priority is a commitment to being upstanding citizens that serve our communities. Led by Location Manager Zack Brinkerhoff, our team in Idaho embodies this commitment by doing a seriously great job on every project. To be honored by this community, recognizing those efforts, means so much to Webfoot.  We love our home in Boise and now the whole state of Idaho!"

We're thankful to be a recognized part of Idaho's community.

We couldn't have done it without all of you who have worked with us, both in Idaho and beyond–thank you!

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