Top 10 Ways To Improve Your Garage

January 4, 2020
coatings improve your garage

Garages are spaces in which we can do more than just park our cars. Many garages go unused and are underappreciated. While many people believe in order to transform a garage one needs a colossal budget, but this is simply not true. There are many affordable changes you can make to your garage space to maximize its overall usefulness. Listed below are just ten of the easiest ways to improve your garage space.

Create A Workout Space

Creating a workout space doesn’t have to utilize your entire garage. It also doesn’t have to cost a humerus and a femur. This can be obtained by adding just a few choice pieces of equipment. A lot of equipment can be found on sites like Craigslist, or the Facebook Marketplace. And if you wait until after everyone has kicked their New Year’s resolutions, you’re sure to find some great deals on new or gently used items. Kettlebells, workout benches, free weights, and even treadmills and trainers can be found for 50% off or more.

Purchase A Heater

If you intend on spending more time in your garage you’ll probably want to get a space heater, even if your garage is already well insulated. You're bound to become chilled, especially if your preference in activity requires you to sit for long periods of time; woodworking, painting and staining furniture are all activities you may be more comfortable doing with a bit of extra warmth.

Build A Workbench

While building a workbench sounds daunting, it’s not as cumbersome as one might assume. You can fabricate a nifty workstation for as little as $20! Here’s an awesome list of 49 workbenches you can build yourself.

Install Some Pegboard

The options are only limited by your imagination here. Pegboard is remarkably versatile. You can easily store craft supplies, gardening tools, power tools, and camping gear. You can hang just about anything if you take careful consideration of how you hang heavier items. Now everything in your garage can finally have a home!

Invest In A Concrete Coating

Concrete coatings are a great investment to protect the concrete flooring of your garage. Concrete coatings can help safeguard against:

  • Cracking
  • Scuffing
  • Dirt
  • Oil
  • Debris

Benefits of customizable concrete coatings include:

  • Highly customizable
  • Non-slip
  • Won’t yellow over time
  • Looks great for years

For more information on concrete coatings and what they can do for your space, read The Best 3 Options For Custom Concrete Coatings.

Hang Larger Items

Bicycles, kayaks, paddleboards and ladders can take up valuable space in your garage. An excellent way to free up space in your garage is to hang these larger items. Cheap but hefty, rubberized hooks on the market make it easy to hang weighty items. Just ensure your chosen hardware can support the weight of the item you intend to hang and that you are screwing into a stud.

Become Organized

Clear storage boxes for Christmas, Halloween or Easter decor will save you loads of time and energy locating items during any decorating season. These containers are also great for storing winter items like comforters, bulky sweaters or really anything that might take up massive amounts of space in your closets. Being that the containers are clear, you don’t even have to mark ‘em up to know what lives inside.

Upgrade Your Lighting

Let’s be honest, it’s likely that your garage space has poor lighting. Get rid of that dingy yellow light and add some pizzazz to your space with new lighting. The good news is there’s plenty of light fixtures to fit any budget and many options don’t require you to rewire anything or hire an expensive electrician. Check out Home Depot’s article on How to Choose the Best Lighting for Your Garage Workshop for some great ideas.

Acquire Storage Racks

Whatever your hobby or storage need may be, finding a place for all your parts and pieces can be tricky. Adding heavy-duty storage racks can help you make the transition to an orderly and efficient garage storage system. Buy storage racks with wheels and you can even move things around to best utilize your space. These wired racks are widely available from many retailers and come in different sizes and finishes, so you’re sure to find something that works perfectly.

Establish A Parking Aid

We won’t judge if you’ve dinged up your garage a bit in the past, it happens to the best of us. However, if you want to prevent future damage—or if your garage is in unblemished condition and you want to keep it that way—a parking aid will do wonders. This is most easily done by hanging a tennis ball from your garage ceiling. You’ll want to hang the tennis ball low enough, and in an area that will allow it to come into contact with your car in some way. The top of your car will work fine for this purpose. Don’t worry, there are plenty of other (although more expensive) options on the market too if a tennis ball isn’t your speed. For more information, here’s a great resource on parking aids: The Best Garage Parking Aid.

You can see now how easy it is to make improvements to your garage with these ten easy upgrades. Now go out there and get to work!

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