The Best 3 Options for Custom Concrete Coatings

October 26, 2019
custom coating option

We get this question a lot, and for good reason—it’s tough trying to figure out which products can work for you. It’s also difficult to discern the differences between products that seem so similar in their functionality and design.

Our options include a flecked chip option; we call this our Evolution System, a Shop Floor System, and our Grind & Clear System. All of our systems are highly customizable and work in a variety of situations; whether that be a warehouse, retail store, restaurant, commercial business, or residential space.

The good news is that we are experts in our industry. Whatever your needs may be, Webfoot Concrete Coatings has you covered, Seriously. Read on to find out which concrete coating best suits your needs -Scott's overview below is a good place to start!

Broadcasted Chip Concrete Coating: Seriously Popular and Versatile!

Our broadcast chip system is one of our most popular concrete coating options. This product produces a non-slip, easy-to-clean, long-lasting and durable floor covering.

The application consists of a chemical and abrasion-resistant basecoat, a unique blend of chips in your choice of color, and finally a polyaspartic polyurea (fancy for rapidly-curing) topcoat. Our topcoat is truly state-of-the-art; it won’t yellow, fade or chip, even when exposed to direct sunlight. The best part? Installation takes just one day, and your space is ready to enjoy again within 24 hours.

Our Evolution System is so versatile that we can create any shape, pattern or logo. Own a business? Flaunt that logo. Got a favorite sports team? We can put in on your floor.

Solid-Color Concrete Floor Coating: Perfect for Your Workspace!

A great option for auto shops, craft rooms, kids’ play areas, and commercial applications. The simple finish of this coating makes it easy to see small parts and pieces that may have been dropped onto the surface.

This product is applied in a few layers, similar to our broadcast chip system; except that it is chip-free. It all starts with a base coat, followed by a topcoat, a silica sand coating (this is where the slip resistance comes from), and finally we finish it off by applying another quick-dry topcoat.

With this type of coated floor system, the final layer is where things really get creative. Our polyaspartic polyurea coating is not only four times stronger than any epoxy, but it can be customized using any of Sherwin Williams paint colors! We can craft this system completely with your desired color palette in mind. Want periwinkle floors? Done. Craving a rich brick-colored driveway? We can do that. Dreaming of being the envy of the neighborhood? Just check out this sweet porch we coated:

Grind & Clear - Protective Concrete Coating for a More Natural Finish

A perfect option for those that enjoy the natural esthetic of unfinished concrete, but with the protection needed for longevity. This system allows you to see the natural texture of your concrete through its protective layers. Our Grind & Clear system allows you to enjoy your concrete driveway, patio or porch for years to come.

It all starts with grinding out imperfections and unevenness, leaving behind a nice, smooth finish. Then, we move on to applying our basecoat, followed by a topcoat. It’s a pretty simple process really, but make no mistake—this concrete coating system means business. We use the same base coats and topcoats here as we do in our other systems—same strength and trusted resilience.

Do we have your attention yet? We sure hope so! We can help transform your space like you wouldn’t believe! Call us for a free quote. Looking for more inspiration? Check out our other blogs, including 7 Awesome Garages and Design Ideas.

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