Strong Garage Floors in Custom Colors

January 14, 2022
custom coating colors

Choosing Strength Doesn’t Mean Sacrificing Style

A perfectly good reason to get a garage floor coating is that you want your floor to look its best. You want to invest in a hardworking coating that will carry the heavy burden of cars, sports equipment, and more. Webfoot Concrete Coatings offers a variety of garage floor colors and finishes to choose from, so your floor can truly carry the room.

You Don’t Have to Use Epoxy or Paint to Get the Color You Want

The reputation of epoxy garage floors includes them being available in any color for a decent price, but here at Webfoot, we know that epoxy doesn’t last. Garage floor paint also gives you a variety of color options but will begin peeling within a month. Luckily, with Webfoot’s polyurea flooring systems, you don’t need to sacrifice customizability to get a high-performance coating.

While built to the same standards of color consistency as epoxy, polyurea flooring is a step up in durability. This is because it is four times stronger than epoxy flooring and expands and contracts in changing temperatures resulting in beautiful floors all year round.

custom chip color with neon red chips
A custom chip color including neon red chips.

Polyurea Garage Floor Colors

Polyurea Chip System

Our most popular and colorful option is the broadcasted chip system. With its textured surface and multidimensional appearance, chip system flooring is an excellent choice for areas with heavy foot traffic, including garage floors and pool decks. The standard chip system is available in a variety of colors, including shades of beige, gray, black, and blue. If none of these options are perfect for you, you can create your own custom mixture of chip colors, and include neon or glitter chips.

custom chip color mixture
A custom chip mixture in Oregon Ducks colors.

Solid Color Polyurea

With our solid color polyurea coatings, Webfoot can color-match any Sherwin Williams color you want. Our base coat and top coats for these systems are clear and we add a tint to all three layers to give it the desired color. Because there are no chips added, we apply an extra polyaspartic top coat to give it more durability.

custom solid color polyurea
Customized solid color polyurea is a great fit in commercial spaces.

Find your perfect garage floor color with Webfoot.

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