Slat Wall Storage Options for All of Your Sports Gear

March 29, 2023
Webfoot slat walls with many sports storage accessory options

Families who love sports and recreational hobbies know first hand the struggle of trying to keep their garage floors free from the gear pile up. Leaning bikes and skis, loose balls, athletic cleats, helmets, and pads scattered across the floor…it can feel like the mountain of gear never ends. 

Garages tend to be the perfect room in your home for all of your sports equipment storage needs. It provides a spacious, centralized storage area for all of your family’s athletic gear, which is better than having it scattered throughout the house. We will review recommendations for organizing your gear with a functional slat wall storage option, as well as the best sports equipment storage accessories for your needs.

What is a Slat Wall? And Why Have One?

A slat wall is an organizational system characterized by horizontal grooves (aka slats) that come in a variety of forms. Slat walls are used in combinaion with attachments like bins and shelves that hook snugly into the slats. That means you can update your slat wall system in minutes without any tools. So why is a slat wall one of our top recommendations for sports equipment storage?

  • Durable: This system has an impressive life expectancy, is difficult to damage, and is more load-bearing than many other options.
  • Effortless Customization: Between the assortment of finishes, sizes, shapes, and types of attachments, you can create an organizatonal system unique to your family and its needs.
  • User-Friendly: You will barely need your toolbox when it comes to reconfigurating your slat wall system. Once your panels are in place, all you have to do is hook on your attachments.
  • Maximize Floor Space: With a slat wall, you get wall-to-wall storage possibilities using a variety of hanging accessories. When you make use of the available storage space on your walls, your garage floor can stay clutter-free.

How to Store Your Sports Gear

The beauty of a slat wall storage system is the versatility that comes with this solution. With so many attachements and accessories, your walls become blank canvasses with a limitless number of storage configurations. 

Bike Rack Attachments

Leaving bikes leaning against the garage wall or with their kickstands engaged in a corner just doesn’t cut it when you really want to take advantage of floor space. Hang any bike’s front wheel from a single hook and keep them off of the garage floor for good.

Bike hanging from slat wall hook.


Slat wall shelving not only helps you to organize your sports gear precisely, but also provides ample space. Store anything from manuals, to back packs, to spare parts and tools in space-saving shelves that allow you to see exactly where your sports equipment is located when you need it most.

Slat wall shelf attachment with books and supplies.


From skis to fly rods, hooks are the best solution to keep your larger gear safely out of the way and easily accessible. We recommend designating a zone on your slat wall system to keep related equipment together.

Slat wall with hooks organzing sports gear.

Wire baskets

Hanging wire baskets provide a simple option for categorizing and organizing your gear. They can hold a bunch of your balls together in one place, house your water bottles, helmets, gloves, trail runners, repair tools, and more. Your imagination is the limit.

Slat wall with hanging wire basket attachement.

Choosing Webfoot for Your Garage Sorage Solutions

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