Serious Garage Package: Reclaim Your Garage Space!

December 13, 2019
serious garage package coating

If you follow us on social media or routinely read our concrete coating blogs, you already know we’re all about doing more with your concrete. Thinking outside the box can turn an underutilized, overworked surface into a showpiece, and act as a catalyst that makes tired spaces become something more.

Interested? Check out these resources:

The right concrete floor coating makes a huge difference, adding warmth, style, durability, and a finished aesthetic.

With that specific goal in mind, we are Seriously excited to share our Serious Garage Package.

7 Garage Design Ideas for Your Central Oregon Home

First, here’s a video recap with General Manager Scott, outlining some epic ways we’ve seen folks update their garage. From man caves to Airbnb’s, the possibilities are endless.

Here’s the breakdown, including 7 create ways to rethink, repurpose, and reclaim your garage:

  • Home gym
  • Cabinets galore, for extra storage
  • Kids’ playroom
  • Home studio or office
  • Home theater (now we’re talking!)
  • Home workshop
  • Organized storage - this is where the slat wall shines!

Learn More About Our Concrete Garage Floor Coating System

Here’s what the process looks like! ⬆

In most cases, we can finish your transformation in just 1 day, and have it fully ready for use (including being save to drive on) within 48 hours. As an extra benefit, unlike epoxy, our polyurea concrete coatings can be safely applied indoors all year long, creating no more fumes than a freshly-painted room.

So, what are you waiting for? Your Serious Garage awaits! Contact us today to get started.

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