Polyurea Coating a Garage in Star, Idaho

December 5, 2021
polyurea garage floor coating star idaho

Webfoot Concrete Coatings is a provider of premier one-day polyurea concrete coatings in Boise, Idaho, and the neighboring areas. As part of our mission to offer professional concrete repair and the best flooring around Boise, we completed a one-day garage floor renovation for Star, Idaho local, Lonnie Meisner. We're walking through the project's process to answer homeowners' frequently asked questions about the installation of a polyurea garage floor coating.

Lonnie’s Ultimate Garage Makeover

Lonnie was looking to revamp his new home with a floor that could handle his garage serving as an at-home workshop. Because of the durability and resilience of Webfoot Concrete Coating’s polyurea chip system, Lonnie trusted us to give him the best garage flooring.

Lonnie enjoys working on cars and also wanted to use his garage for storing his RV. He needed to know that his floor was resilient to the different wear and tear of his hobbies, including cleaning solutions, chemicals, and the weight of a 20,000+-pound RV. He loved the durability of polyurea, including being chemical resistant, scratch resistant, and having weight-bearing flexibility. Plus, he was happy to be back in his garage after just 24-hours.

before and after of polyurea garage floor coating in star, idaho
This before & after of Lonnie's garage shows how our polyurea chip system brightens the space.

Webfoot’s attention to detail left him with a finished product to impress the neighbors. This detail includes:

  • Using heavy-duty grinders to smooth and prep the floor.
  • Following a perfected process of chip broadcasting.
  • Taking the time to fully cover the verticals.
  • Coating the pad that extends beyond his garage with the addition of silica sand to prevent any slipping in the outdoor space.

Not Another DIY Project

A common question we get from DIY-loving homeowners is: “Can I do this coating myself?” There’s a variety of coatings on the market that can be bought at a big box store, such as epoxy. However, Webfoot’s 100% pure polyurea coatings can’t be found at Home Depot. Our product comes directly from the manufacturer Penntek Industrial Coatings and is 100% pure polyurea, composed of an aromatic polyurea basecoat and an aliphatic polyurea topcoat. Even if you were able to purchase the product on your own, the application of a polyurea coating requires precision and has a low margin for error. Because of this, it’s not possible to do it yourself.

polyurea concrete coating outdoor
We coated the pad that extends beyond Lonnie's garage with a polyurea concrete coating including the anti-slip additive of silica sand.

Professional Installation Yields Professional Results

As a professional concrete contractor, Webfoot Concrete Coatings followed a careful 5-step process to provide Lonnie with the best concrete floor coating possible. Our 5-step process to restore a concrete floor includes:

  • Step 1 – Grinding. Using our heavy-duty concrete grinder, we grind down your existing concrete to a smooth finish. Then we sweep and squeegee the surface clean and clear.
  • Step 2 – Mending. We fill and repair any cracks, abrasions, spalling, pitted, or damaged areas with a mending sealer. This dries to be as strong as concrete.
  • Step 3 – Base Coat. We carefully apply an aromatic polyurea base coat to the floor surface. Depending on the choice you make (like chip color), we offer three color options: gray, tan, and grey/tan.
  • Step 4 – Chip System. The chip system is optional, but if chosen we broadcast your choice of chip color before the top coat. You can choose from our variety of blends or even customize your own.
  • Step 5 – Top Coat. We finish off the floor with an aliphatic polyurea topcoat. After 24-hours, your floor is ready for foot traffic and more.

diamond tooth grinder for prepping the existing concrete
The first step of our 5-step process included using a heavy duty grinder to smooth the existing concrete of Lonnie's garage.

Let Webfoot Handle It

When you’ve decided that you’re ready to invest in a high-quality, high-performance coating, we make it easy for you to get your project moving. Here’s how it works:

  1. Schedule an Estimate
  2. Meet Our Specialist
  3. Purchase Your Floor
  4. Transform Your Space

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