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June 22, 2022
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When it comes to garage storage ideas, the ceiling is often not the first place that comes to mind. We make the mistake of organizing cars and bikes, and stacking bins and boxes from the ground up, forgetting that the ceiling can be an ideal storage space to free up the rest of the garage for other uses. Even with family and room size, most garages still neglect unused space, particularly ceiling storage space.

If you have not thought about ceiling storage in your garage, you should!

Common Challenges Solved by Overhead Storage

Ceiling storage has taken garage organization to a new level. It consists of lightweight components that suspend your items high above your head, where they are conveniently accessible and out of the way. Below are the garage solutions it offers:

Disorganization: The garage is sometimes messy because tools and items are on the floor, damaging some items. Think about the ceilings to keep these items safe when they are not used. If you use the space above your garage, your storage capacity will practically double, and you can put away almost everything you have lying around.

Lack of floor space: Overhead storage has taken the garage from the days of stacking boxes, bikes, tools, and other items on the floor to the era of storing items we use regularly. The storage system moves seasonal items like paddle boards, vacation decorations, and the like out of the way but allows easy access to them when needed. 

Clutter: One of the many benefits of overhead storage is that it helps to declutter the garage indirectly. When you overuse floor space, clutter multiplies. However, once you realize that the items in your overhead storage are not as easily accessible as they are with other storage options, you will begin to reconsider how you store things in the garage.

Storage of large and infrequently used items: Some of the items stored in the garage are heavy and infrequently used, mainly recreational and sports equipment. The high ceilings of the garage provide the ideal storage space for these items and make room for things we use frequently.

Things You Should Store in the Garage Ceiling 

There is no reason to waste important floor space when you can take advantage of the roof. Since ceiling storage is not suitable for everything, how should you use it wisely? 

Seasonal items: Nowhere in the world is Christmas celebrated twice. Since you will not need those decorative boxes until next year, it's best to move them out of the way and store them overhead until you need them again. The same goes for skiing, diving, other sports equipment, and life jackets. 

Large items: You do not have to worry about too heavy items for overhead storage, as long as you choose the suitable storage capacity for your loads. You can purchase hoists to raise and lower bulky items such as ladders, camping equipment, golf clubs, and lawn mowers for convenience. 

Garage Ceiling Storage Ideas

It's easy to overlook that ceiling storage systems can be a valuable asset to you. However, when you finally discover their potential, you need to consider options that meet your requirements before choosing. 

Corner storage: Whether you already have shelving or no space, the corner is always a good place to use. 

corner storage

This form of storage is ideal for creating shelf space for items you need to access quickly. Situations where you throw items not needed in the garage, are easily remedied with this storage idea.

DIY sliding storage bin system: Sliding has replaced lifting. All this DIY storage system with an adjustable rail system needs a ladder to get started.

overhead storage

The number of bins depends on ceiling space. Since the garage door hides boxes when it closes, it's perfect for anyone looking for something stylish, easy to use, and provides extra space.

Smart pulley system: Simply raises and lower with a hand crank for the most convenient access to the items stored inside. 

pulley system storage

Garages with compact and limited ground-level storage can use this system to hang some items. If you do not know where to put your bikes and kayaks that are constantly in your way, a pulley system is the best solution to hang them and will hold everything up and out of the way, so you do not have to do any heavy lifting or climbing.

Overhead hooks: Hooks are a great way to get rid of clutter in the garage. Although they are helpful on walls and doors, you should think about attaching them to the ceiling. 

overhead hook storage

Hooks can be hung from the ceiling to keep sports equipment, bikes, ladders, chairs, and other items out of the way but accessible when needed. 

Fishing rod holders: Storage for fishing equipment is essential for people who like to spend their mornings on the water. 

overhead fishing rod storage

Ceiling-mounted holders help store fishing rods vertically or horizontally above the ground and away from objects that could crush them.

Create New Space by Cleaning Out your Garage

If your garage is cluttered with everything, consider an overhaul. You should not use the garage to store items that do not fit your home. To keep your space clutter-free and ensure there's a place for everything, you can choose from Webfoot's custom cabinets and configurations to suit your style and needs.

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