MDF vs. Wood Cabinets: Which Are Better?

April 25, 2022
mdf vs wood

Fact: In comparison to wood, powder-coated MDF cabinets allow you to get a greater amount of storage for equal value. 

Yet, you don’t sacrifice performance. The man-made production of MDF cabinets may sound like a negative, but it has many benefits over traditional wood.

4 Ways MDF Cabinets Are Better Than Wood Cabinets

1. A Dependably Blemish-Free Surface

The reliable, human-made production results in a uniformly smooth surface, unlike the poor consistency seen in natural wood. As a result of the blemish-free surface, there’s a higher guarantee of consistent paint absorption and a clean finish. 

blemish free mdf cabinets with great color adhesion
MDF has a perfect surface with great color adhesion.

2. Eco-Friendly Manufacturing

The usage of MDF and powder-coating technology is environmentally friendly. Powder-coated MDF components don’t contain solvents or produce any volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or hazardous air pollutants (HAPs). MDF is composed of recycled wood, meaning that instead of wood scraps from cut wood pieces or demolitions being tossed away, they’re utilized for the creation of fiberboard. Also, powder-coating in comparison to painting is environmentally friendly, because there are no fumes or waste. The powder that doesn’t adhere to wood is recycled into a hopper, meaning it can be used on the next piece of MDF. This diminishes the environmental impact. In fact, opening a powder-coating facility requires fewer permits than a paint-shop, because of this lower impact.

eco friendly powder coating of mdf
MDF is powder-coated in an environmentally friendly process.

3. Built-to-Order Custom Design

MDF boards' makeup makes it possible to cut and shape them in many different ways without damaging the material, unlike solid wood. 

MDF is built-to-order for custom design.

4. Improved Durability & Low Maintenance

Because it's human-made, MDF offers high-quality finishes for less than what you'd pay for solid wood. Improved durability means MDF cabinets are long-lasting and low-maintenance. To keep MDF cabinets looking brand new, you only need soap and water. And the surface won’t fade over time.

MDF is long-lasting and won't fade over time.

Why is MDF a good choice for garage cabinets?

  • Durability: Temperature- and Moisture-resistant, and scratch-proof
  • Customization: MDF maximizes the possibilities of production, giving you more customization options
  • Smooth Finish: Powder-coated MDF cabinets are easy to clean, and have excellent color retention
  • Cost-Effective: Maximize your storage and organization with high-quality finishes at a lower price point and more variety than wood cabinets

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