Keeping Pool & Beach Gear (Summer Gear) Accessible

July 11, 2023
Functional slat wall for beach storage

There’s nothing that says summer like a relaxing afternoon on the river or at the pool. But when the time comes to head home, where does all of your gear go? Without prior planning, your gear can create a huge mess and keep your garage cluttered all season long. From noodles to floaties to rafts, there’s a lot to put away—and it’s important to keep it neat and tidy so there’s not a mess come next summer outing.

Whether you're storing fresh towels, beach chairs, goggles, toys, floats, or other adventure equipment, make sure everything has its place. Finding storage solutions for pool noodles, boogie boards, and your big beach cooler can be difficult. Luckily, a few clever hacks for beach gear and pool toy storage can make a huge difference in how tidy your place can be for any season. Let’s look at some of our favorite beach and pool organization ideas.

Concrete Coating

Want a garage that is easy to clean no matter the season? Start with the floors. At Webfoot, we use a unique coating system that meets our standards for durability, ease, and quick installation. Our services turn your stained, marked, cracked concrete into a surface you can be proud of. A concrete coating will not only enhance the overall look and feel of your space, it provides protection against stains and spills, and is much easier to clean and maintain than traditonal concrete floors. 

Because our coatings are non-absorptive, oils and other fluids will not seep in and stain permanently. Concrete coated floors are much easier to clean and maintain than traditional floors and are a great option for high-traffic areas that need to stand up to lots of wear and tear. Whether the look you’re going for is traditional, contemporary, or if you lean more towards eccentric design, you can find a concrete coating option to match your taste and style. 

Clean garage with concrete coating.

Custom Cabinets

Even if your garage is small, investing in a custom storage solution will help you maximize the available space and keep things tidy while allowing you the flexibility to play with the designs you prefer that fit your specific needs. Choosing a custom storage solution is a great way to properly store your summer gear and pool toys and make room for everything you want to do in your garage. A garage cabinet system will help you stay organized and make it easier to categorize your items and store them according to your preferences. 

Custom cabinets for storage.

Slat Wall Storage

A slat wall is an organizational system characterized by horizontal grooves aka slats. Slat walls are used in combination with attachments like bins and shelves that hook snugly into the slats. That means you can update your slat wall system in minutes without any tools. So why is a slat wall one of our top recommendations for summer equipment storage?

  • Durable: This system has an impressive life expectancy, is difficult to damage, and is more load-baring than many other options.
  • Effortless Customization: Between the assortment of finishes, sizes, shapes, and types of attachments, you can create an organizatonal system unique to your family and its needs. Find the perfect shelf or basket to house sunscreen, goggles, pool toys, and more. 
  • User-Friendly: You will barely need your toolbox when it comes to reconfigurating your slat wall system. Once your and panels are in place, all you have to do is hook on your attachments.
  • Maximize Floor Space: With a slat wall, you get wall-to-wall storage possibilities using a variety of hanging accessories. When you make use of the available storage space on your walls, your garage floor can stay clutter-free. Adding hooks & baskets for towels and swimwear is just one example for how slat walls can help save your space and keep you organized.
Slat wall featuring many storage options.

Garage Storage Solutions for Pool & Beach Gear

Designated Pool Toy Storage

Pool toys can dramatically increase the fun when it’s time to splash the day away. From inflatable floats to beach balls, dive sticks, and even water volleyball sets, there’s no end to creative ways to make the most of your time in the water. However, the same pool gear that creates so much joy in the water can turn into headaches when it’s time to pack everything away. Rather than shoving everything into a closet or taking up valuable space on your garage floor, designate an area specifically for your pool toys and sort gear by activity so it is easy to find and get going. We recommend sectioning off an area of your custom cabinets and clearly labeling everything for future use.  

Pool Float Storage Nets

Pool floats can take up so much space and seem to multiply over time as you find more fun styles to add to your collection. It can be a hassle to constantly deflate and re-inflate all these floats, especially in the middle of summer when a spontaneous pool party or river float session could break out at any time. Consider putting up a pool float storage net. Secure this net to the rafters of your garage or shed and easily store or remove your favorite floats.

Beach Gear Wall Rack

Some beach items, such as beach umbrellas, chairs, and boards, can be tricky to store efficiently in bins or cabinets. For these bulky items, try a beach gear slat wall. This is the perfect storage solution for paddle boards, fishing rods, golf clubs, and other awkward items.

Hanging Beach Chairs

A few large hooks can really make a difference when it comes to organizing your beach or camping chairs. Hang one or more beach chairs on each hook to better utilize your vertical space. Other beach chairs may be folded into carry bags with a strap, simply hang the strap from wall hooks to keep them off of the floor and ready to go.

Custom storage for shoes, hats, and more.

Choosing Webfoot for your Storage Needs

Playing in the water with family and friends is a timeless and memorable experience. Make the most of a trip to the pool or beach by keeping all your pool toys and beach supplies secure and well-organized. 

We believe in the functionality and value of our storage solutions, but you don’t have to take our word for it, we pride ourselves on our 18+ years of experience in the industry and top-rated customer service and communication. Experience a one-on-one design process with our professional Design Consultant to understand your usage and storage needs. Contact us to schedule today. 

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