Imagine Your Garage with Webfoot Cabinets [Videos; Photos & PDF Download]

May 18, 2022
imagine webfoot cabinets

Genius Garage Storage Ideas Start With Cabinets


If your garage is cluttered – and you wish it wasn’t – garage cabinets and concrete coatings can help you maximize the potential of your space.

Today, more than 79% of homes have garages, and homeowners are using those garages for new purposes. They are in search of genius garage storage ideas that create extra storage and expand their living space. 

Garages Today Are Not Just Garages

Garage cabinets put clutter out of sight and out of mind. Webfoot gives you the opportunity to design your own custom cabinets. Custom cabinets give you efficient garage storage that meets your exact needs. As a result, you can make the most out of your garage’s square footage.  

You can transform your garage into a workshop, garden center, home gym, mudroom, or playroom. Designing a custom cabinet system is a stylish garage storage idea that can seamlessly integrate into any space you want to create. 

Level up your space with a coating and cabinets to create more useable space.

Improving the functionality of your garage means you can expand your living space. With custom garage cabinets, you can prioritize organization, workspace, or both. With any design, you will get extra garage storage and more usable floor space. 

Prepare Your Space to Meet its New Potential

In order to begin leveling up your garage, you have to determine your project goals. Begin by asking yourself the following questions:

  • How do you want to use your garage?
  • What purpose do you want your new cabinets to serve? Decide between a workspace for crafts or maximum storage to better organize your space. Or, find a balance of both.
  • If your garage is messy and cluttered now, how can you clean it up to prepare for its makeover? Try following our 3-step plan for cleaning up a messy garage.

Custom Cabinets as a Garage Storage Solution

To go from simple to genius garage storage you need to pay attention to the details. Add-ons and customizations are a great way to get the most out of your garage cabinets, and as a result, the most out of your garage. There are five customizations that are essential to your perfect garage storage system: 

Customization One: Shelving

Focus on getting the exact shelving you need, including:

  • Shoe Storage: Garage shoe storage creates the perfect mudroom, and lets you store away the ski boots you only need part of the year.
  • Small Item Storage: Garage storage for small items that don’t have a perfect spot anywhere else, but you can’t just get rid of them.
  • Storage Bin-sized Shelves: Shelves that are the perfect size for storage bins that make your space look clean and organized. 

Customization Two: Vertical Garage Storage

Vertical garage storage gets larger items off the floor leaving you more space to get things done. Making your Sports Equipment storage vertical can make a huge impact on both the aesthetics and usability of your space. Webfoot vertical storage options include:

  • Gravity Grabbers: The perfect way to hold skis and snowboards on the wall.
  • Steadyrack/Bike Rack: A family-friendly option to get bikes off the floor. 
gravity grabbers hold sports equipment off the floor
Gravity Grabbers take large sports equipment off the floor.

Customization Three: Overhead Storage

Installing overhead storage is a great way to store items that you don’t need to access regularly, but need to keep. Overhead storage can include racks for irregularly shaped sports equipment, like fishing rods or kayaks. Or, you can create overhead racks to hold large bins up and out of the way.

Customization Four: Workbench Space

If you are a regular DIYer, then it’s important to incorporate a functional workspace into your garage design. A popular feature of Webfoot cabinets is durable butcher block countertops. The countertops incorporate a protective coating that helps function meet fashion. You can design your custom cabinet system with enough workspace to make any DIY project possible.

butcherblock countertop
Incorporating a workbench countertop into your cabinets helps you get your projects done.

Customization Five: Wall Hanging Systems

Wall hanging systems for Garden supply storage and tool storage make it easy to organize your tools which helps you find what you’re looking for faster than digging through drawers. Webfoot’s favorite option is slat walls.

Slat walls are sturdier and longer-lasting than the average pegboard system. Adding tool racks to your slat wall system gives you more storage options.

slat walls
Slat walls give you more storage options.

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