Ranking Garage Floor Winter Protection Options From Worst to Best [PDF GUIDE]

December 9, 2022
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Protect Your Garage Floor in the Winter With A Coating

Keeping your garage floor in good condition is a year-round task. The winter months are, however, more challenging, with road salt, snow from winter maintenance, and snow storms causing serious damage. A slippery and wet surface in winter also poses a risk of injury.

So if you want your garage floor to last until spring without the paint peeling, the concrete cracking, or causing serious injury, you need a strong film between it and the elements. These protective films are designed to withstand harsh conditions and preserve your concrete garage floor.

This blog examines some garage floor protection options, highlights their benefits, and recommends the best among them.

How is Your Garage at Risk in the Winter?

Garage floors can withstand mud, dirt, debris, and other foreign objects during the summer and fall seasons, especially with regular maintenance. However, things are different in the winter as road salts penetrate the pores of unsealed concrete floors and cause corrosion and deterioration from the inside. Over time, this manifests in the form of cracks, spalling, chipping, and other defects.

Ranking Garage Floor Winter Protection Options From Worst to Best

As winter approaches, give your garage floor a chance and ensure safety by taking some protective measures, such as covering the floor. Below, we discuss the top three options for floor covering and rank them from worst to best.

Bad: Diy acrylic sealers

Sealers are easy to apply, but are not the best option to protect your concrete.

Acrylic concrete sealers are water- or solvent-based substances that form a protective film when applied to concrete floors. They are the go-to option for many DIYers because they are relatively easy to get and apply. And even though they provide stain, UV, and mold resistance, these sealers are not the best options. In fact, compared to the others, they may be the worst.

Acrylic sealers are not temperature tolerant (which also implies that they are only suitable for indoor use) and are quite expensive to maintain. Plus, they are difficult to remove, lose their shine over time, particularly in cold weather, and emit strong odors shortly after application. Furthermore, acrylic concrete sealers are not abrasion-resistant.

Okay: Snow mats

Popular snow mat option via Amazon.com

Snow mats are an excellent upgrade to DIY acrylic concrete sealers for various reasons. They effectively soak up snow, water, road salts, and any other items that would otherwise seep into the pores of your concrete and endanger the integrity of your garage floor. By effectively containing water, they also ensure that your garage floors are dry and less likely to cause a fall, which earns them five stars for safety.

These mats can also be used to conceal blemishes on your garage floors. So, if your garage floor is looking a little worse for wear and you're not ready to replace or repair it, you can cover it with snow mats. Even if there are no blemishes, throwing a quality snow mat on your garage floor is good for aesthetics. 

Finally, snow mats are easy to install, especially since no floor preparation is required. You'll find them simple to use regardless of the season or weather.

Despite their advantages, snow mats have many weaknesses. First, they can get heavy due to their thick material and absorbed moisture, making them difficult to carry or adjust. They are also not the most durable options, and replacement costs often become expensive over time. Finally, garage floor mats are known to give off a bad odor after a while due to absorbed moisture, dirt, and snow.

Best: Concrete Coating

High-performance coatings are easy to clean and the best in terms of durability.

In terms of garage floor protection, concrete coatings are the best. They're designed to protect concrete garage floors while also improving the appearance of your garage. The best concrete coatings are non-slip, so you won't have to worry about slipping and accidents. 

One concrete coating that stands head and shoulders above the rest is Webfoot's concrete coating. Our coatings are the best on the market in terms of curing time, garage floor protection, aesthetics, and safety. They are also highly salt-resistant, protecting concrete floors against the harmful effects of road salt. 

Unlike Epoxy, which cures poorly in extremely cold weather, Webfoot’s polyurea coatings can be installed all year round and are available in various formulas to meet a wide range of needs. 

Remember that most concrete coatings' performance often depends on how they are installed. Therefore, for optimal performance, it is best to have our professionals assist in installing your concrete coatings.

Coatings Protect Your Garage Floor Through Winter & Beyond

Having reviewed the possible options for covering your garage floors, it is clear that concrete coatings take the top position. For the most durable effect in the winter (and throughout the year), consider installing Webfoot’s polyurea coating on your garage floors.

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