DIY Storage vs. Webfoot Garage Cabinets

October 6, 2022
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Sometimes, garage cabinets and other professionally built storage systems appear simple, which is probably why many people love to give DIY storage a shot. But did you know that DIY garage cabinet systems are generally not always the best option for you?

In this post, we will discuss DIY storage vs. Webfoot’s custom garage cabinets and present you with the best option for your home.

3 Common Problems With DIY Storage Solutions

1: Ugly or unattractive storage solutions

Garage storage solutions are not only useful for storing items, but they also give your garage an appealing look. Unfortunately, it is generally difficult to reproduce the elegant design of professionally-built storage solutions on your own unless you have all the time, resources, materials, and knowledge required. 

Little wonder why most of the DIY garage storage options are simply unattractive. Let’s take a look at some of them. 

Bare wood open shelves.

These tend to look rough and have a texture that is unpleasant to the touch. They look far less high quality and appealing than professionally made shelves.

bare wood open shelves

Cheap metal garage cabinets.

First, cheap things hardly last long. And second, you can expect quick rust and regular damage if you choose the wrong kind of metal cabinets. Besides, not all metal cabinets can efficiently hold heavy garage items.

Metal garage cabinets

Storage bins.

Due to their design, they are unsuitable for large and heavy garage materials. Plus, they are much less attractive than alternatives like metal drawers, industrial shelving baskets, and storage boxes.

storage bins

Repurposed cabinets.

It's common to convert any available cabinets into garage cabinets. The bad thing about this is that all cabinets are not made to withstand heavy loads or harsh, uncontrolled garage weather. They also rarely match the garage aesthetic, which means you have to spend more time and money to refinish them.

repurposed cabinets

Plastic garage shelves.

While these are inexpensive and easy to assemble, they don’t look great and have a lower load-bearing capacity than metal, wood, and MDF, making them unsuitable for storing heavy items. They are also more susceptible to heat damage and therefore are unsuitable for safely storing items in hot weather.

plastic shelving

2: Low-quality materials that don't last

Buying low-quality materials for your DIY garage storage to save money is not a good idea as they are often unreliable in the long run. It's better to invest in garage solutions once and for all so you can enjoy your investment for as long as possible.

3. Convenient to build but doesn't meet your storage needs

If you need a garage cabinet to keep your tools safe, but due to its complexity, you opt for a bare wood open shelf to store those same tools, you may have built something quickly, but it does not meet your storage needs. Your tools will still not be stored properly, and worse, they could fall and hurt someone.

The Benefits of a Custom Garage Cabinet System Designed by Webfoot

There are undeniably several benefits to installing a custom garage cabinet system from Webfoot in your home, some of which include;

Benefit 1: Blemish-free powder-coated and customizable cabinets.

Unlike bare wood shelves and other imitations, Webfoot's garage cabinets are powder-coated, which makes them more durable, attractive, eco-friendly, and easy to maintain. They are built to the highest standards and for your specific needs, so you can enjoy nothing less than excellence in your home.

blemish free cabinets

Benefit 2: Moisture-resistant and temperature-resistant MDF.

We understand MDF's superiority over wood and metal in the construction of garage cabinet systems, which is why it is our preferred choice of material. Its temperature and moisture resistance, high durability, low maintenance requirements, and high adaptability make it a great option for your garage. And because it also has excellent color retention, your garage cabinets will stay vibrant and beautiful for a long time. 

Interestingly, despite its exceptional qualities, MDF is cheaper than solid wood!

mdf cabinets

Benefit 3: Built–to–order and customizable through a professional design consultation.

Webfoot understands that every customer has their own garage storage needs, so we will listen to you during a professional consultation, understand your specific needs and offer you better solutions than a one-size-fits-all. 

Whatever you choose to prioritize in your space— organization space, craft space, or a balance of both— we have you covered and will help you design the garage cabinets of your dreams!

If you’re unsure what kinds of cabinets you want, check out some of our ingenious garage cabinet system ideas for inspiration.

custom storage solution

Don’t Make A Common Cabinet Mistake

The benefits of garage storage systems are numerous. They help keep your things safe, make them easier to find, protect your children and pets from harmful stored items, and keep your garage neat and clean overall.

While installing a custom garage cabinet is better for quality and aesthetics than DIY storage, many people still make avoidable mistakes when buying their garage cabinets. Find out five common cabinet purchasing mistakes, and how you can avoid making the same. 

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