Questions to Ask Yourself Before Getting Garage Cabinets

October 7, 2022
custom cabinet system

A custom garage storage solution that meets all your needs is possible with Webfoot. Together with a Webfoot Design Consultant, you can design a cabinet system that can hold your tools, matches the color of your walls, and is a perfect size. The first step in finding such a system is envisioning what you want or need. To help, we’ve compiled the most important custom storage questions for you to ask yourself before getting garage cabinets. 

Custom Storage Questionnaire

Your choice of garage cabinet can make or break the roominess and aesthetics of your garage. Let us look at some important questions you should ask yourself before buying a cabinet. 

What storage have you had? What did you like about past storage, and what did you not like?

Start by highlighting your experience with your previous garage storage and decide if you had issues with them like: 

  • Box store units that weren’t customizable: Were they inappropriate for your specific needs and space? If so, opt for customizable storage units to help you avoid clutter and create more space in your garage.

  • Storage that didn’t fit certain things: If you had a one-size-fits-all garage cabinet system, you probably had trouble storing unique items. This is something you can change in your new garage cabinet set.

  • Storage that was ugly: If you did not like the look of your old cabinets, go for a better design that you would love to see every day. Good looking cabinets can make your garage a room that you’re happy to spend time in.

  • Too weak to hold certain items: If your old cabinets were a bit flimsy, cabinets made of a stronger materials can allow you to store heavier items in your garage and free up more space. 

  • Cabinets with poor finishings: If the finishes on your last cabinets wore off quickly and peeled over time, cabinets with a more heavy-duty finish will give you more value for your investment.

What are you storing?

The nature of the items you intend to store in your garage cabinet also plays a significant role in dictating its structure and security system.

  • What notable large items do you have? If you intend to store large items, your garage cabinets should be sized to accommodate them.

  • Do you have lots of sports gear? In this case, you may consider slat walls and gravity grabbers.

  • Do you have many decorations? Since they are not everyday items, these can go in overhead storage. 

  • Do you have things in storage bins that you want to leave in bins? Then your cabinets can be designed to fit those specific bins.

  • Do you still want cars in the garage? How many? Then your space and cabinet system should be designed to allow the space to park your vehicles.

How do you want to use your space?

This is an important question because your garage's purpose will determine the cabinets' style, structure, and layout. 

  • Rec room: If you want your garage to be where you hang out with loved ones and play games, there should be enough floor space for that purpose. 

  • Workshop: If you're a DIY fan and want somewhere to exercise your skills, cabinets featuring butcherblock work spaces and slat walls to store your tools are great features.

  • Home gym: The layout of the cabinet system will leave you space for your workout, and your storage can be designed to store certain fitness equipment.

Garages can serve various functions, and choosing storage units that complement those functions is critical to optimizing your garage space.

What do you want your space to look like?

Each of us has different tastes in aesthetics and interior design. You can start by choosing color schemes and patterns that appeal to you. When you have a clear idea of what you want your space to look like, you can customize cabinet and hardware colors, add-on colors (slat walls), and floor coating colors, all to match.

Designing a Custom Space

Thanks to new design capabilities, equipment, and professional design companies like Webfoot, it is now possible to custom-design garage cabinets that meet the needs of many customers. You can have cabinets of any size, design, and layout that perfectly fit your garage space and specific needs.

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