Ranking Pool Deck Options

June 26, 2023
Concrete coated pool deck.

Choosing the right materials for the deck around your in-ground pool can be a big decision. Pool decks have special performance requirements when compared to a regular patio or outdoor seating area. They need to be easy on bare feet in addition to being attractive. While the types of materials you choose depend on several variables like cost, durability and maintenance, the good news is that there are a number of them to choose from. Let’s dive right in (see what we did there). 

Popular Pool Deck Options


Concrete is and has been one of the most popular materials for decks. Its attractiveness lies in its versatility. It can go from the traditional plain poured concrete decks to stained, stencilled or stamped concrete that can mimic stone, brick or other finishes with ease. The poured version is a perfect option for those homeowners who want a simple, minimal and cost-effective pool deck.

  • Cost: Low. Concrete is a cost-effective, low-fuss decking option.
  • Pros: The biggest benefit of concrete is that it can be customized in color, form and texture to complement your home and landscape. 
  • Cons: The major disadvantage of concrete is that it is susceptible to heat and temperature changes, resulting in cracks. 


There are several natural wood varieties, depending on your budget, such as pine, cedar and Brazilian ipe. Teak is naturally resistant to mold, mildew and insects. Wooden decks in any location require seasonal maintenance, including cleaning, sanding and sealing.

  • Cost: Medium to high. Wood comes in the higher price bracket, especially as it needs regular maintenance.
  • Pros: Wooden decks are a good choice if you want the original, warm authentic look that comes with natural wood, It is also easy to cut and shape, and easier to lay than other deck materials. Plus, it complements any outdoor décor.
  • Cons: Wood tends to rot or splinter, hence needs a good amount of maintenance, which would include oiling, sealing and waterproofing on a yearly basis.


Pavers are a popular hardscape option for paths, patios and pool decks. They generally come in concrete or stone and sometimes brick material, the first two being more durable. Concrete pavers come in many different materials, sizes, shapes and colors and can be made to resemble cobblestones, granite, tile, or bricks.

  • Cost: Low. The materials cost is low; maintenance is minimal.
  • Pros: Pavers are low maintenance and are easy to replace if a unit gets damaged. They can provide a non-skid surface and don’t crack when exposed to pool water.
  • Cons: Pavers require careful prepping of the ground before installation – it must be perfectly level. They also require a permanent border to prevent shifting, a design aspect you might not like. They are prone to color changes and stains. There is also a strong possibility of weeds growing in the cracks between the units.

Concrete Coating

Using coated concrete for your pool deck will ensure the space looks great and stands up in a high-traffic area. It is highly customizable from color aesthetics to texture, meaning you can opt for a smooth or textured finish to reduce slippage.

  • Cost: Medium. Coatings will stand the test of time. They are an investment into your space that will outlast any other products.
  • Pros: Texture options reduce the risk of slipping on a wet pool deck, and increased UV-resistance means the product won’t fade from exposure to sunlight. These coatings also won’t crack, peel, or chip.

Cons: Higher upfront cost than standard concrete

Functional and attractive coated concrete around pool.

Criteria to Consider when Designing Your Pool Deck

While aesthetics are always important when it comes to designing your pool and the surrounding surface, there are other important factors you should take into consideration when choosing materials for your deck.

  • The material must be safe and slip resistant when wet
  • Material should be even and level to avoid trips and falls
  • The deck should be heat-reflective – no burning bare feet!
  • Algae and chemical resistant materials should be chosen if possible
  • Material should be durable to high foot traffic and outdoor elements
  • If possible, the deck should have low or minimal maintenance requirements
Pool with durable, non-slip concrete coating.

Our Pool Deck Recommendation

The visual benefits, slip resistant properties, and durabiloty of outdoor concrete coatings cannot be ignored. Your pool deck will look better than it’s ever after having quality concrete floor coatings installed. You can also customize your space as you see fit since these coatings come in a variety of colors, finishes, and styles. Enhancing your indoor or outdoor pool deck area is simple with a premium concrete coating from Webfoot Concrete Coatings. We use a 100% polyurea coating that looks great, stands up in a high-traffic pool-side area, and can be maintained almost effortlessly. 

Choosing the Right Pool Deck for You

There are many details to take into consideration when choosing between the different types of pool deck surfaces. Choose the best option for your home, your family, and your style. Our concrete patio floor colorings can help any homeowner create a stunning outdoor area, add curb appeal, and invest in the value of your home. Resurfacing your patio, pool deck, entry way, and more is not only a quick and cost-efficient way to add style to any outdoor space, but also to protect it from the elements. Contact us to schedule your free estimate.

Raised pool deck with concrete coating.

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