7 Awesome Garages and Design Ideas

October 8, 2019
awesome coated garage

In a recent article, we shared 4 creative ways to use your concrete coated space. After all, part of the beauty of our floor coatings is that they turn cold, under-utilized, sometimes uninviting parts of your home into fully useable space. If you missed the article, you definitely will want to check it out.

Today, let’s take a look at a few of our favorite examples of creative garages (we have the links below as well in case you want to check them out in more detail). Scott is taking us on the tour, so be sure to watch the video for all the details and comments. We’ve also included a quick recap of the high points!

Take Your Garage Space To The Next Level

#1: Home Gyms

We all know exercise is important, but in this busy day and age, it’s tough to get to the gym! Most of us have a garage here in Central Oregon, and with a little creativity there's room in there for at least some home gym equipment. Why not make your workouts super convenient, easy to schedule, and skip the monthly fees, all by creating a private gym?

#2: Cabinets Galore

Especially if you have kids, you know how cluttered your home can get... Sports equipment, school supplies, toys, and the list goes on. Many homeowners don’t consider actually adding cabinets to their garage, treating it as a partially (or even fully) finished space. Whether you need a huge amount of storage or just a few extra spots to stow your stuff, cabinet installations can be invaluable.

Hanging shelves can be helpful too - just lower them when those items are needed, then raise them back up to ceiling height between uses.

#3: Kids’ Playroom

Ever tell your kids to stay out of the garage? Well, why not change your tune andconvert at least part of it into a dedicated playroom? After your low-maintenance, easy-to-clean, slip and stain-resistant floor coating is installed, your 2/3’s of the way to an ideal rec room for the kids.

#4: Home Studio/Office

Need a workspace as a home office or studio? With the right floor, paint, and shelving/storage, you can turn your garage into a gorgeous workspace. There’s so much square footage just waiting to be used, and it’s much more cost-effective than renting an additional space (and more convenient, too).

#5: Home Theater

Seriously! Coat your floors, paint your walls, throw down a rug, add some comfy seating and vintage movie posters... Well, and a tv! Now you’ve got yourself an epic home theater, perfect for family movie nights, hanging with friends, or just watching Airplane after a long day at work (we get it).

#6: Home Workshop

Handy? Sounds like you need a Serious garage update. You can turn a garage into a full-blown workshop with just some relatively minor changes: floor coating, paint, slat wall for storeage, some cabinets, and a countertop. Now you’ve got an epic workshop that looks awesome, is easy to use, easy to clean up after a project, and offers just the environment you need to blow off some steam.

#7: Organized Storage

“I have too much storage in my garage,” said nobody ever.

Storage is a precious commodity, especially when it helps keep stuff OFF your garage floor. We’re big fans of slat walls for just that reason, providing a nice spot to hang skis, bikes, tools, sports equipment, shelving, or whatever! Don’t trip over it - stow it.

How Would You Use Your Customized Garage?

The possibilities are endless... Contact us today to get started - we can help with your floor coatings, painting, and carpentry needs. Seriously!

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