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Your garage is easily one of the hardest-working spaces in your home. And, from oil changes to tire wear to spilled chemicals, your garage floor bears the brunt of that wear and tear.

Our 1-DAY concrete coating services turn your stained, marked, cracked concrete into a surface you can be proud of, all while adding durability and long-term protection.

That’s a win-win!

Forget Epoxy... This Is Better!

We know what you’re thinking: isn’t this just another epoxy system? Nope. Epoxy has its place, but that place isn’t your garage.

Our 1-DAY coating is a polyurea system, providing a number of key benefits:

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Why Our Coatings?
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During our business hours, we usually respond to requests within 45 minutes

  • Quick, secure adhesion (thanks to a chemical bond with your concrete)
  • Unlike epoxy that puts your life on hold for up to 5 days, you can drive on your Webfoot Concrete Coatings system in 48 hours
  • Polyurea is UV-stable! No fading, even in our Central Oregon summer sun
  • Tire-pickup on hot days is a real issue with epoxy, but not with polyurea
  • Polyurea is flexible
  • We can apply your coatings in cold temps, even below 32 degrees!

A Few Other Seriously Great Benefits To Keep in Mind

  • 4x Stronger Than Epoxy
  • Cleaning Is a Snap
  • Slip-Resistant
  • Will Not Chip, Peel, or Delaminate
  • 1-Day Installation
  • 15-Year Warranty
  • Diverse Colors and Finishes are Available
  • Our Team is Penntek-certified

What Does the Application Process Look Like?

It all starts with a conversation. We’ll listen to you and hear your needs and goals, and one of our skilled representatives will put together a clear, concise, comprehensive estimate.

Then comes the Seriously fun part!

  1. Grind and clean the surface for secure adhesion
  2. Fill pits and cracks
  3. Mix and apply Penntek’s 100% solids, self-priming, pure polyurea basecoat
  4. Broadcast the color chips
  5. The floor is scraped and vacuumed to remove any vertical-standing flakes
  6. Roll out your UV-stable, polyaspartic clear coat
  7. Enjoy it (and brag to your friends)!
1-DAY Garage Floor Coating
1-DAY Garage Floor Coating
1-DAY Garage Floor Coating
1-DAY Garage Floor Coating
1-DAY Garage Floor Coating

What Else Can We Coat for You?

    • Garage Floors
    • Porches
    • Patios
    • Driveways
    • Walkways
    • Basement Floors
    • Pool Decks
    • Laundry and Mud Rooms
    • ...and more!

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